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9 Apr 15

Browser Sync – Stick it in your front end work flow

A new tool I recently discovered called ‘BrowserSync’, has changed the speed I can test across devices and browsers so significantly that I’ll never leave it out of my Gulp or Grunt file again. Sync them all When you have ‘BrowserSync’ running, it will run a server locally which can then be accessed by any device […]

29 May 14

Speeding up the front end workflow with Grunt

On a recent project, I had an existing site that needed a responsive facelift. I needed to work within an old Ruby on Rails app, that was very slow in terms of page refresh time when developing locally. So I wanted to speed up the page refresh within the old app, especially since the very nature of responsive […]

24 Mar 14

Grunt File

Here is the Grunt file mentioned in this post module.exports = function(grunt) { grunt.initConfig({ sass: { dist: { files: [ { expand: true, cwd: ‘public/stylesheets/scss/’, src: [‘**/*.scss’, ‘**/_*.scss’], dest: ‘public/stylesheets/css/’, ext: ‘.css’ }, ], options: { outputStyle: ‘nested’, sourceComments: ‘normal’, includePaths: [ ‘public/stylesheets/scss/’ ] } } }, watch: { sass: { files: [‘public/stylesheets/scss/**/*.scss’], tasks: [‘sass:dist’] […]